Media Blog Reflection (final post)

1.15.20 Throughout my journey of creating media blogs and evaluating the media, I feel I have become more educated in a topic I had never before considered. I had never realized just how much the media impacts my life in positive and negative ways. By being bombarded with all these ads everywhere I turned was definitely not a good feeling, and it caused me to develop a low attention span. Through analyzing every type of media, however, I am more aware of how much the media is trying to do this to me, and I can work towards limiting their power. Given this, through being required to develop my skills in deciphering the media, I have also come to find that these skills are very useful to have in this generation. The way I interact with media has changed as a whole, which has made me a ‘smarter consumer.’ I have become more aware of the techniques advertisers use in the ads I see everyday. The ads I used to really enjoy and actually be persuaded by now stand out to me as being the most ou…

When the Media is in Charge of Cultural Norms

It is no suprise that the media has been controlling our society's cultural norms for countless generations. When almost everything is manufactured, it is hard to know what is actually normal in a society and what is been sold to us by the media. People who have a specific lifestyle get that same lifestyle sold back to them, only to realize that it wasn't even theirs to begin with. These lifestyles that companies create end up defining what is 'normal' in a society, which revolves around that company's  need for continuous profit.

The harsh reality is that not very many people realize this because when they have been bombarded with media messages all their life, they think they have developed an immunity to them. When in reality, people have just become so used to the media interfeering with everyday life that it is no surprise when it ends up controlling their lifestyle as well.

It is crazy to think that possibly everything we do has been predetermined by the med…

The Issue of Misrepresentation

The issue of the misrepresentation of women in the media is still very much present today, but there has been a slight impovement. Women are still being misrepresented in films, T.V. shows, social media, and various other forms of media.

Especially within social media, women who make their careers around being Instagram models are displaying a completely different reality of the female gender. Due to this, social media is now a place in which self-criticism is implicitly encouraged and its users are taught the wrong reality of a woman. On the other hand, the presence of women in social media modelling has lead to more women being more empowered, looking up at those women as successful role models.

In films, there are many instances of misrepresentation as well. This generation still comes out with films that degrade women and set unrealistic and unhealthy standards for them that weren't even true in the first place. With this, there have also been countless movies starring promine…

A Weird Experience With Media (week 5)


Today, as I was walking to my seat at the movie theater, I noticed something very odd that I had never seen before. I noticed that on one of those signs (that says the movie and the time) protruding from the wall next to each door there is a small ad on the other side of them. (i don't know what they're called but a random pic of the sign in shown above (not the ad part)) These ads were so small I could barely read the writing, and they were on the other side of every one of the signs. The mini advertisements were not for movies, however, they were for the concessions at the theater. This was just a bizarre thing to see, as I had never seen anything like it before and it just made me realize how truly desperate lots of companies are.
At first, I really didn't see the point of it; and to be honest, I still don't really. To me, this advertisement seems utterly pointless. This is because by the time I saw it, I was already leaving the theater since it was on the…

The Media Approaching the New Year (week 5)

The holiday season is definitely quite the time for marketing, and is probably any brand's ultimate time to make the most money. Especially with next year being the start of a new decade, companies are really taking advantage of customer's needs during these times.
Most forms of media during Christmas tend to center more around family and the viewer's need for affiliation. This is because most people unconciously rely somewhat on the media (ads, etc) to guide them towards buying a certain product for a gift to give to others. Christmas is definitely a family-centered holiday, so the media can target a specific product towards the consumer just in time for Christmas. 
Immediately after Christmas, however, the media shifts into something completely different. Right before New Years, companies orient their ads (and other forms of media) more towards the actual consumer themselves, rather than their families. The company uses the media to target the customer's ne…

What is "Cool" Nowadays? (week 4)

Throughout the years, the definition of "cool" has changed, and most people have no idea what it means. If the simple definition of "cool" is something that is currently popular, it doesn't seem like a very dificult concept to define currently. However, it really is constantly changing, and teens are known as the only people on earth to exhibit the power of "cool".
Part of why the definition is constantly changing is because generations are constantly changing. Since new products or ideas come out, new things become popular and desired. The general cycle is that the media advertises what is currently considered cool to most people, and by the time they over-sell these items, the product is no longer desired. In the past, the media has controlled what teens think is cool by selling them a certain popular lifestyle, which teens think they have created themselves.
Nowadays, however, I have noticed that teens have been more in control of what…

Star Wars; the Media's 𝒫𝒶𝓇𝒶𝒹𝒾𝓈𝑒 (week 4)

For the past few months, it seems the entire planet is circling around the new Star Wars movie for this year, and thus the media is circling around it as well. Every year starting from around October, everything is focused around that year's Star Wars movie, and every year there is a massive profit for all companies involved. There has been no shortage of profit this year. 

Companies have always taken advantage of the massive following of Star Wars by attatching the franchise to anything they might be selling around that time. The simplest thing as associating themselves with Star Wars allows the company to have a huge leap in profits, simply because of the Star Wars fanbase. Disney (the owner of Star Wars) and any other company do a trade-off, where Star Wars gets more promotion through advertisements, while the company gains the following of more people. This leaves the consumer bombarded with some type of advertisement for Star Wars more than enough times a day, because many com…